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Using your gifts for social good

I feel overwhelmed by the news and the state of our nation. I also feel guilty for that overwhelm because it's my job to be the change that we want to see and instead of retreating under the covers and turning off the world, now is a time for action and visibility. 

In thinking about that tricky balance I'm reminded that we all have gifts, strengths, and identifying factors to our character than make us unique and perhaps uniquely suited to do the work we have before us. This morning I reminded myself of the gifts I have - creativity, sensitivity, and patience - and tried to think of how I can best put those gifts to work in my own small social circles. 

We all have gifts we can use right now. What are yours? Does reminding yourself of them make you feel more enabled and less helpless? I hope so. Take care of yourselves, hug your dogs, kiss your cats, and be good to one another. 

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